Hi! I’m Melanee Marshall, author, advocate and educator. At a very young age, I learned to read and immediately fell in love. Even today, I can often be found with my nose inside of a book! As an author, I am excited to share my love with the world.
As an advocate, I aim to increase awareness of one’s God given purpose and that no matter what the challenges or obstacles, you have a voice, you have a story and it matters, you matter!

Currently residing in Charlotte, NC with my husband, son (Hayden), daughter (Amarra) and Dozer, and the family dog, my mission is to share stories, inspire and to provide resources to promote faith, hope and encouragement.

I have written “I’m Supposed To Be Here” to affirm to parents of long term care Neonatal Intensive Care Unit babies that, there is no such thing as an accidental life; we are all born with a God given purpose.