The attending neonatologist had already pre-warned me that if he was born that day there was nothing they would be able to do. Little did he know how right he was…Hayden spent over half of the first year of his life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU where he faced insurmountable odds and surgeries galore.

Many more times my husband and I were told his chances of survival were slim to none and if he did survive, it wouldn’t be without a multitude of physical, emotional and/or mental disabilities. Every moment of every day we had absolutely no idea what to expect when we walked through the NICU doors. But I will never forget the day when the doctor announced, “you’ll be taking him home next week!”

I am so honored, humbled even, that I get to look at a walking, talking, intelligent, healthy “normal” miracle melaneemarshallandsonwebphotoeveryday. God not only showed up but he showed OUT! I tell people if you are in doubt as to whether prayer works, just look at Hayden and realize you are visualizing the answer to hundreds of people’s prayers. I am still running into people who ask, “Is that Hayden? You don’t know me but I prayed for him and still do!”

As the doctors and nurses testified, he is supposed to be here!